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Buy the book.

Back cover:

"Industrialisation, changing social attitudes, economic pressures, wars, tourism and even the advent of the motor car are just some of the factors that have played a role in shaping our local hostelries. Most of the changes brought about by these influences took place gradually, although a few occurred, quite literally, overnight. None of them, however, took place in isolation and telling the story of our pub’s evolution also paints a broad picture of Forest life from an intriguing and rarely-seen perspective. It’s a story spanning more than two hundred and fifty years and one which we hope will prove to be of interest to a wide range of readers, not just those who enjoy their history served with a pint".

Our book costs £7.50 and is available to buy at several outlets in the Forest, directly from the pub, or using the link below (which includes a £1.50 fee for postage).

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