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All Hands To

The Pumps;

An Addenda.

Stuff that didn't

make it into the book!

© Alan and Michelle Powell



In 2020, to mark our thirty years at the Fountain Inn, we published a history of the pub, titled  All Hands To The Pumps. The purpose of this addenda is to create an accessible record of all the information accumulated during our research which was too detailed, insufficiently relevant, or just too boring, to be used in the book. Inherently then, some sections of this website will prove to be a tedious read for those without a direct interest in the Fountain Inn, but there's also a lot of previously unresearched material here that should appeal to anyone interested in Forest of Dean social history or the history of Parkend. 

Whereas our book follows a single chronological narrative, discussing each publican in turn, this addenda is divided into various topics associated with the Fountain Inn, its surroundings, and its history. Each topic, beginning with early references to the building, is still dealt with chronologically, but independently.

Finally, while this material wasn’t considered suitable for inclusion in our book, it does still represent a huge amount of time and research - so if you do use the information elsewhere, please be kind enough to credit us and provide a link to this site.

Alan and Michelle Powell.

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